Gore elbows

I work in the industrial insulaton field and have been in the trade for over 13 years. For the past couple years I have been in management doing job bids and estimates for big insulation projects. With my experience estimating projects I have found that it is easier just to order prefab metal fittings for insulation such as gore elbows. For the amount of time that it takes for the employee to do the the formula for the patterns to make 90 gores, tees and end caps, it is more cost effective just to pre order all of the metal fittings. Not only does it save us time and money it limits us liability from the employees getting injured in the fab shop. Finding a vender that for off  gore elbows and fittings that are affordable and timely was challenging until I found an company out of Bellingham Washington.  This company primarily manufactures exhaust insulation covers for pipes and exhaust systems but they do metal fabercation as well. There turn around is timely and they are very affordable. The name of the company is All Temp Soft Covers, LLC. Here is the link to the web page and the phone number. alltempsoftcovers.com

Contact number (360) 383-6857